PUBG Game Keys and Game Controls (Emulator)

pubg game controls

PUBG Game Controls for PC 

We have prepared emulator keys and controller for PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds which millions of players like to play.
If you are playing on the emulator you must know this control keys.

Moving forwardWMoves the character forward.
Moving backSMoves the character backwards.
Move leftAMoves the character to the left.
Move rightDThe character moves to the right.
Speed boostSHIFT + W / SProvides acceleration.
HandbrakeSpaceUse the handbrake in the vehicle.
Changing seatsCTRL + 1 / 2 / 3 / 4Switch to the desired seat in the vehicle.
BendingCKeeps you leaning.
CreepZIt lets you crawl on the floor.
BounceShift + WIt allows you to run very quickly.
Slow walkingCtrl + W It allows you to walk slowly.
RollingQ ve EAllows to roll right or left.
Changing the magazineRAllows changing the magazine.
Turn on fire modeB
Changing weaponsMouse / 1,2,3 / G Allows change weapons.
Turning on / off electronic devicesFLets you turn the devices on or off.
Going in or outF Allows you to enter and exit a door or a place.
Opening inventoryTAB / ILets you see the items above you.
Open mapMAllows see the map you're playing.
Switch to free viewALT + Mouse
Changing camera angleV Change the angle of view of the player.
BinocularsMouse Right Click
MicrophoneCTRL + TSwitch on the microphone
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