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All Video Audio Converter PRO APK Lastest Version

Android Audio Video Converter Information:

AUDIATOR Converter APK is a powerful audio and video management conversion tool for android which convert any audio any music audiobook ringtone records in any length and with a variety of options.

With AUDIATOR Converter the mp3 audio converter and video conveter for android you can easily search for any audio aac ogg aif aiff wav ra flac wma ac3 and any video rmvb flv avi mov mp4 m4a 3gp 3g2 mj2 mkv wmv webm Divx any music audiobook ringtone records and extract audio from them set the output destination with a custom frequency bitrate channel mono channel stereo.

The user interface is very exciting and entirely based on the MATERIAL DESIGN.

AUDIATOR mp3 converter for android is a sound app that give new format music to your headphone and speaker based on the famous library ffmpeg.
About ffmpeg ffmpeg is number 1 in the world of multimedia processing and mp3 convert and video convert therefore AUDIATOR Converter the mp3 music converter for android benefit from all its strength and speed and will exceed your headphone and speaker limits with the loud sound.

USAGE:AUDIATOR the mp3 volume booster for android have a very simple user experience with only three steps you can search and convert all the audio within your android phone to give your headphone and speaker the prefered format sound:
1° import music video audiobook ringtone records "+"
2° customize the conversion settings or just let the defaults mp3 format conversion settings depends on your headphone and speaker limits.
3° run mp3 volume boost "Boost" to make the loud sound.
And finally you can listen compare set as ringtone and share the boosted loud music via social media or emails.

CHARACTERISTICS:1° supported input audio formats are mp3 mp2 wma ra ogg aac ac3 wav flac aif and ogg.
2° supported input video formats are rmvb flv avi mov mp4 m4a 3gp 3g2 mj2 mkv wmv webm and Divx.
3° a Background Mode that can work for hours in background if you plan to amplify all your music libraries while sleeping.
4° a wealthy explorer to import from the mp3 music library of the smartphone or from SD memory with the possibility to search and import globaly.
5° rich Audio Bitrate options.
6° rich Audio Sample Rate options.
7° the user interface is rich in terms of animation and it is based on Material Design and google guides.
8° the ability to read mp3 music with headphone and speaker share mp3 music modify mp3 music and tone as the converted result files.
9° queue management and batch processing.
10° supports all ARM devices (CPU).
11° A direct connection with the development team to report and suggest new features

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